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Meet the lady who wants to put female investors at the center of the tech revolution

Bucharest, Romania (5 May 2022) ~
“Helping women to build confidence in making investments and to gain financial independence are the most important outcomes for me,” angel investor Ruxandra Muys-Stoian, a Romanian living in Silicon Valley, shares with us.

She is the co-founder of the Bucharest-based Women Invest in Tech (WIT) Angels Club, launched last year along with her partner, Andreea Saia. The community aims to grow to over 50+ female investors in its first year. Their thesis is tech with purpose and their first €100K investment has been in Romanian MedTech speech app VoxiKids, with plans to make a couple of similar investments by the end of 2022.

Ruxandra Muys-Stoian has a background in public health and health services management, but in the early 90s, she had the opportunity to change tactics as she frankly puts it. After her medical studies, the business world was opened to her.

What motivated you to launch the Women Invest in Tech Angels Club?

Ruxandra Muys-Stoian: I moved to California a couple of months before the start of the pandemic. My professional plans changed, so I decided to focus on investments. I began with the stock market, but soon startups and early-stage investments piqued my interest.

Silicon Valley is a rich place with both opportunities and challenges. I experimented as a relatively timid angel investor. Then, the idea of a club for women interested in becoming angel investors came in a discussion with Andreea Saia. It was triggered by our shared experiences in two areas that are generally seen as male-dominated: technology and investments. I have always felt that when entering a field for the first time, women benefit more from learning and experience with their peers.

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