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We demystify investment in innovation and accompany women to be part of the tech revolution through investment ​



of total capital invested in European tech in 2020 went to purpose-driven tech startup


of global wealth is owned by women


of the USD 69 trillion asset management industry is managed by women (women-led funds, angel investors)



of the total number of angel investors in Europe in 2020 are women


In 4 years, European funding capital in technology went from EUR 16.5 billion to EUR 44,1 billion


European women have 40% less pension when they retire than men


WIT Angels Club is a community where women invest in technology they believe in, using learning and support from the Club.


WIT Angels Club is a community where women invest in technology they believe in using learning and support from the Club.

What makes us different?

An all-female club

This world needs a club dedicated to women where like-minded, cooperative ladies can analyze and discuss investment opportunities.

Club, not platform

The notion of a club is a core value. We want women to have the feeling of belonging.

Tech with Purpose

The club only source Tech with Purpose ideas that tackle essential problems for our planet and people.

3 areas to focus

Primary geographical focus: US and Europe, through the Club’s capacity to source across 3 areas: US, France and Romania.

Risk together, gain together

We turn on its head the usual revenue model of a community of angel investors, we take more risks alongside our angels investors than any other community.

Women empowering

By enabling women to invest, the whole world is activated: male founders are more likely to hire women, woman angel investors become a model to follow.

Only committed investors

Because we choose quality against quantity, the solely condition of being part of the Club is to invest.

Active investors

One (small) annual investment done by each member is worth more than one large investment done annually by (only) a handful of members. The amount of money is not the only thing that counts.