Pluria is a remote & hybrid work solution that helps companies to recruit teams and develop businesses beyond borders, without worrying for a fixed office. One subscription, thousands of desks and meeting rooms in LATAM & Europe (Colombia, Mexic, Brazil, Perú, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria).

Hybrid work is becoming the predominant workplace policy in organizations globally. From the continuous fight between in-office vs. remote, hybrid is emerging as the potential winner, being the preferred choice of 80% of the global workforce (*Accenture, McKisney).

Additionally, distributed network of spaces also translates this into carbon footprint reduction. Instead of spending half an hour in a car to get to the main headquarters, employees can actually just walk or take a bicycle to a co-working space near home. So, to an extent, it can also be a CSR-type of activity for companies.

Pluria has a great talent founding team and has developed a technology with positive impact for our Planet, these are features that made our community invest in this company.

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First digital clinic dedicated to speech therapy

Voxi products are transforming speech therapy processes by moving them into the digital market. VoxiClinic is the first digital clinic dedicated to speech therapy, offering a selection of high-value materials, online and in-office speech therapy as well as management tools that streamline the collaboration between parent and therapist, with the common goal of assisting the child’s recovery and integrating them into the pre-school and school environments.