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Rux, Romania’s most active angel investor from the Diaspora

Bucharest, Cluj, Romania (4 July 2022) ~
People say “it takes a village to raise a child” and this also applies to tech startups. To launch a project and make it skyrocket to the business cosmos, you need to sync up with the market and build a symbiotic relationship – based on trust and capital – with business investors.

Do you know what role angel investors play? Their purpose is to guide and support. Like a godfather, they offer answers during challenging times and help shape ideas into projects with early-stage financial aid.

The Recursive dived into the Romanian market to see which cities host the most angel investors and what niches or solutions are they interested in. Some investors are active in Romania, others keep a global reach; while a few Romanians living abroad are giving back to the local ecosystem.

Rux is an active angel investor of the Diaspora. For more details, click here