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Women in Investment Day (WinDay) organised by FBA, a major event to underline the lack of women in investment

Paris, France (October 2022) 

WIT Angels Club attended the event “Women in Investment Day (WinDay)” in Paris, organised by Femmes Business Angels, the largest European community of women business angels.

The panels’ topics underlined the lack of women in investment, the consequences of this situation at a global level and levers to be implemented to address this gap.

Same takeaways to think about:

1. Only 10% of students are women in the software development engineering schools in Europe.
==> maybe this is one of the major reasons why only 1.7% of capital went to women-led start-ups in Europe in 2020?

2. More than 60% of impact start-ups are founded by women or mixed team.
==> Women are more likely to look at and invest in this category of start-ups

3. Unconscious bias: attraction to similarity is a huge problem in the European tech scene, with a major implication: current capital doesn’t support women-led entrepreneurship equally as it supports men-led entrepreneurship.

3. Dare to join the investment ecosystem to sustain women’s presence in #venturecapital#privateequity#businessangels communities

4. Invest in your financial education. Less than 10% of European women are capable of actively participate in a financial conversation.

Let’s build our path together in this investment world.